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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good Anti-Virus Program?

The short answer is, anything is better than nothing. At MT Pockets we carry different brands of anti-virus on CD, and most companies offer a "lite" version of their software for free over the internet. Some for a short trial period, and some for a year at a time.

How much RAM is enough?

This would depend on your operating system. The newer your Operating System is, the more RAM will be required to run it. Fortunately, the price of RAM has dropped dramatically over the years. Two Gigabytes (2GB) of RAM will run most systems at a minimum, and will run older systems very efficiently. Also, there is a memory difference between 32 and 64 bit operating systems. 32 bit systems will not recognize more than 3 GB of RAM. 64 bit will recognize and use much much more. For instance, Windows 7 Professional requires 2 GB of RAM and recommends 4GB.

How big should my hard drive be?

As a rule of thumb, the price of a hard drive goes down year to year. However, that rule assumes that you are measuring the price per GB of space on the drive. The trend now for hard drives seems to be at least 500 GB on a new system unless you are using a SSD (Solid State Drive) Again though, look for the most space for the $.

What is the advantage of dual monitors?

As with most things, there are advantages and disadvantages to having multiple monitors. The major advantage of multiple monitors is increased productivity. You have an ability to keep multiple programs up on the monitors at any given time. Allowing you to compare products or spreadsheets, transfer information from one program to another more easily, or keep video or instant messaging on screen while you are working, thus making collaborative projects easier.
  • Efficiency and production
  • Easy to setup
  • Take advantage of the processing power of today's PCs
  • The disadvantages of multiple monitors are just as easy to list. They are:
  • Cost of second monitor
  • Higher chance of distraction
  • Use of desk space
  • Use of system resources ie if your machine is already slow and you have to wait on it to perform tasks... perhaps an upgrade or tune-up is in order before a second monitor.

Why do people use Linux?

The first and most obvious answer to this question cost. Linux is a free operating system. The newer versions of Linux are very smooth, and the desktop on them is very comparable in ease of use and layout to the more popular paid operating systems of Microsoft and Apple. Linux generally requires more technical knowledge of how a computer works than the paid systems do, but it is workable for most people. Linux supports most types of web browsing and email software, but not those that are made exclusively for the paid systems. Office software is the same way, there are some that are only made for the paid systems, so Linux provides an alternative, but not necessarily the exact same type of experience that you would have with a paid software system.

Why would I get a tablet?

The number one advantage of a tablet is portability. The cost is generally less than a laptop PC, and the battery life is up to 12hrs. Tablets are easy to use, and very intuitive in their design. The operating systems on tablets are generally very similar to a smart phone. The programs are provided via an "app store" and like Linux products discussed earlier provide an alternative way to view the same information that you would look at on a traditional PC. Table operating systems are provided by Google (Android), Microsoft, and Apple.

Should I consider a new computer or fix my old one?

Here again, this depends on the system that you have and what you plan on using it for. A new system is never a bad bet if you want to be sure that you maintain compatibility for the next 36 months or more. However, an older machine can be of use to you for many more years if you maintain it, and you keep your expectations within the confines of what that machine can do. Maintaining a machine that you currently own is generally cheaper than purchasing a new one, and may speed up what you currently have if you keep it maintained. Gaming machines tend to be high end while machines that are used for surfing the web and reading e-mail don't require much processing power.